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Gone are the days when companies, be they small or large, used paperwork to do any business-related activities and came across common web hosting problems. Every single enterprise has its website now. A standard Web Hosting environment given by Web Hosting Service Providers, especially for small businesses has bunches of websites sharing the exact material host.

Let’s state you are a Web Host including three physical servers to furnish the website content of 50 clients, i.e. 50 domains include their website content fitted by three physical servers. The three servers are shipment-balanced for increased availability. It is a hard job to observe the performance of the 50 websites and 3 servers. Whereas, with Site24x7 it is not.

This article suggests the major problems you would confront and describes how Site24x7 can assist in eliminating those problems.

Common Web Hosting Problems

Established on our most delinquent studies, the most standard web hosting concerns exemplary now are:

  1. Server Errors and Downtime 
  2. Slowly Loading Speeds
  3. PCI Compliance and Security 
  4. Limited Resources: High Traffic and Shared Hosting
  5. Lack of Support and Help
  6. Expense

Scroll down for a more consolidated glance at each of these topics and some of the easiest solutions to keep your website driving smoothly.

Downtime and Server Errors

We’ve all lived there: you believe you’ve discovered the article that’s heading to support your boss in the headquarters Fantasy league next season, though when you connect the link all you witness is a 503 error – server converses for the website or page you’re attempting to access living offline. 

This is likewise understood as “downtime’” and it’s an unlimited killer when it comes to selecting your website as a dependable one, both in the watches of your audience and Google’s algorithm.

How To Fix It

The most uncomplicated way to battle downtime is to select a web hosting provider that gives a high part of uptime. Most of the giant guns we study in our comparison of web hosting assistance are up there more to 99.9% for their uptime, which is a much more difficult thing. 

Slow Loading Speeds

The only specialty more harmful than an offline site is a lagging one. Visitors will depart your site fast if they do not exist given the knowledge they desire promptly. Website shipment time statistics are brutally transparent – guests hate slow-loading websites. Once they’re left so is your possible deal or lead, but individuals who depart your website quickly also donate to a destitute “bounce rate” in Google’s sights, which can influence how your site rates.

How To Fix It

If you encounter your website crowding slower than a harrowing tram, the answer could be as easy as optimizing pictures. Image optimization can do marvels for your website’s interpretation!

You ought to guarantee that the file size of pictures that characterize your site is fair in size so they generate fast on the user’s screen. This is particularly influential for e-commerce websites, and then you can host more images on it. 

Security and PCI Compliance

The protection of your website is important to its triumph. For ecommerce corporations particularly, a safety breach can be tiring. From your website running down and targeting your traffic to misplaced returns and customer data failure, the effect of malware or seizures can reduce client trust in your industry and result in a bunch of time and money forfeited.

Website protection is a minefield yet with the simple things you can do to guarantee your website and create yourself negligibly weak to cyber criminals.

How To Fix It

First, you’ll desire to select a web hosting provider with a concentrated approach to guarantee. Our research discloses then it is the most reasonable web hosting provider for deposit, so if you accomplish nothing else, make certain it’s giving profound thinking into making it your provider.

Limited Resources

Many individuals start their unique websites off on a shared hosting program because this is the most affordable kind of hosting to obtain your site online. Nevertheless, it’s even the most restricted, which can cause troubles when you begin to gain increased levels of audience. If your site is dragging or cracking, it could live because your website has currently outgrown its hosting program!

Scalability is legend and if your company grows to a specific size you might discover that shared hosting answers are no longer capable of adequately negotiating with the high importance of traffic you’re acquiring.

How To Fix It

When this occurs, it’s a juncture to upgrade to a more developed hosting plan. The following level alert from shared hosting is VPS hosting, yet if you require even more room to expand, you may require what’s named dedicated server hosting. 

Lack of Help and Support

Operating a website isn’t constantly straightforward and you merit a hosting provider that shows you a sound quality level of help when things don’t reach according to schedule., you presumably want to go with someone who delivers 24/7 support, email support tickets, live web chat, and other essential help elements for when things don’t reach according to schedule.

On the other hand, if you’re working to reach your web host or its assistance center is a sterile wasteland of obsolete guides, or forum inquiries go unanswered, you may feel like you’re on your own attempting to determine technical problems. This can be stressful, not to note the substances in your company if you can’t repair downtime or other problems!

How To Fix It

The simple way to solve this query is to switch. 


Maintaining a website for your company may be important, but that doesn’t suggest it’s cheap. The price of web hosting can quickly skyrocket and for security of pricing “from only $1.99 a month” there’s a definitive bill more proximate to $100. 

How To Fix It

If you enjoy keeping prices down, then you should begin with one of the most satisfactory shared web hosting assistance. 


These are some of the issues that you might face during web hosting. I have also given you the best methods to fix them so that you can overcome them.

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